The general development trend is orienting towards renewable energy and use of renewable energy to assure sustainable development and environmental protection.

Orit Company is a pioneer in developing rooftop solar power in Vietnam. Orit is now providing clients with a comprehensive development service related to the rooftop solar power such as: research and provide safe and economic solutions for electricity demand; design, provide equipment, execute and install; maintain and operate solar power works.

The rooftop solar power is used for workshops in industrial parks, office buildings, farms, etc.

Total capacity up to now: 60MW for about 100 clients;


Orit is developing a wind power project in Gia Lai with the intended capacity of 50MW. The project was approved for investment by Gia Lai province. The expected time of operation of the project is quarter III/ 2021.

The future development orientation and plan up to 2015 of Orit is to focus on wind power projects with total wind power productivity of 300MW.


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