Need 100,000 billion VND to increase salary, trying to make it easy to achieve… disadvantageous benefits

Dr. Bui Sy Loi calculates that the salary reform as planned will cost a lot, increase about 100,000 billion, easily make the currency depreciate, lose the meaning of the salary increase, if you try to do it…

Great policy and determination of the Central Government

Regarding the policy of delaying the implementation of the salary reform plan, talking with PV Dan Tri on October 21, Dr. Bui Sy Loi – former Vice Chairman of the Social Affairs Committee of the National Assembly expressed his consensus and shared that the Central Government must once again decide not to start the salary increase roadmap from July 1, 2022 as expected. Mr. Loi mentioned the actual situation, the whole country is facing great difficulties and challenges in terms of budget, in dealing with the great consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The expert on labor, employment, salary and social security issues has worked for many courses in the aspect of legal policy formulation, supervised this field, analyzed, and must first affirm that the Party and State The country is always interested in reforming the wage policy for workers.

Cần 100.000 tỷ đồng tăng lương, cố thực hiện dễ thành... lợi bất cập hại - 1


Nhấn để phóng to ảnh

TS Bùi Sỹ Lợi là Phó Chủ nhiệm UB Xã hội của Quốc hội khóa XIII, XIV.

In practice, the  Labour Code has basically adjusted the issue of wages for employees in the area of ​​labor relations by stipulating regional minimum wages (according to 4 regions), announced annually, adjusted to suit the situation to ensure the minimum standard of living of workers. That is a fundamental policy for the business sector.

Regarding the state sector (public sector), Mr. Loi pointed out, Vietnam is determining wages according to the base salary, currently 1,490,000 VND/month and has an annual increase.

Former Vice Chairman of the Social Affairs Committee commented: “This basic salary does not really meet the life requirements of the cadres, civil servants and public employees”.

“The determination of the Central Committee is very high, demonstrated by its will and action, with the adoption of Resolution 27 in 2018 of the 12th Central Committee of the Communist Party of Vietnam on reforming wage policy, in the direction of basic salary. This is a great policy, very high determination of the top leadership agency of the Party, but unfortunately, the whole country has not been able to implement it” – Dr. Bui Sy Loi said.

From another perspective, Mr. Loi explained, in order to reform the wage policy, it is important and crucial to reform the organizational apparatus and reduce staffing in state agencies. According to the spirit set forth by the Party and State, at the same time, it is necessary to convert public non-business units receiving salaries from the state budget into a model of autonomy, self-responsibility and self-guaranteed wages.

But in fact, the current process of arranging, organizing and streamlining the payroll of Vietnam has not been as expected, so it has not yet met the conditions and requirements for the wage reform process. Mr. Loi recommended that it is necessary to continue to arrange and streamline the state apparatus so that the state apparatus is compact, effective and efficient, then the new salary reform will ensure the meaning of improving people’s lives, raising improve the quality of human resources, increase efficiency and productivity.

Vietnam has spent huge amounts of money on welfare

Another practical factor, according to Mr. Bui Sy Loi, so far, although Vietnam has experienced 4 outbreaks of the Covid-19 epidemic, has a great and profound impact on people’s and workers’ lives. , especially wage earners, but the good news is that at this time, the consumer price index (CPI) has only increased by 1.82%, which is the lowest level since 2016 until now.

“The good thing about this is that because the price does not increase, it does not affect the lives of officials and civil servants much, so the increase in salary to compensate is not too urgent. But we also have to frankly acknowledge and evaluate it. , the price does not increase is also caused by the problem of very low purchasing power, the people’s shopping and consumption demand has clearly decreased due to the impact of the pandemic “- the expert acknowledged.

In general, Mr. Loi said that it is possible to share with the Party and State that it is not possible to carry out wage reform in the current conditions, must wait for a more appropriate time because the past 2 years (2020). -2021), the whole country is always affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Production was stagnated, a number of fractures occurred in the production and supply chain, in the labor market, causing the state to focus on many social security relief packages under Resolution 42 (VND 62,000 billion). , Resolution 68 (VND 26,000 billion), Resolution 116 (VND 38,000 billion) and many other policies of the Government and localities to support people, businesses and focus resources on pandemic prevention according to the spirit of the pandemic. God performs dual tasks, both production and anti-epidemic.

It is the fact that the state has to spend huge resources from the budget on such activities to support welfare and production, so the current resources are not guaranteed for salary reform.

“In short, the current situation is not qualified to carry out wage reform. If the whole country still tries to do this (it is expected to require a very large amount of money, about 100,000 billion VND) in the current context, the bank will Spending too much will lead to price devaluation and slippage, but when prices go up too much, the salary increase doesn’t make much sense.” – Dr. Bui Sy Loi analyzed.

From these reasons, Mr. Loi said, the policy of delaying the implementation of the wage reform plan of the Central Committee at the 3rd Conference of the last XIII term is reasonable. share, support and try together to overcome difficulties after the pandemic to restore and develop the economy.

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