Business Credit Approval Specialist

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: T2-T6
: 01/12/2021
: 31/12/2021
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1. Main tasks:

– Carrying out the appraisal, re-appraisal, and credit proposal of credits for business customers according to regulations;

+ Performing the task of appraisal, re-appraisal, risk warning and preventive measures, credit proposal for corporate customers to ensure:

 Objective, independent and honest;

 Comply with regulations and procedures of BAOVIET Bank, the State Bank of Vietnam, and applicable laws and in accordance with BAOVIET Bank’s risk appetite from time to time;

 Comply with BAOVIET Bank’s commitment/regulations on service quality (SLA/ISO) in the process of credit appraisal, re-appraisal, proposal and approval.

+ Organize direct appraisal of goods according to regulations (if necessary);

+ Implement measures and tools under credit policy as well as regulations on cash flow management, business operations management, customer finance, loan security management through due diligence and re-appraisal to ensure capital adequacy of BAOVIET Bank;

+ Drafting the Credit Proposal Appraisal Report and submitting it to the competent authority for review and approval of credit facilities of corporate customers in accordance with the regulations of BAOVIET Bank, the State Bank and the current Law;

+ Drafting the credit approval notice in accordance with the credit decision for the credit extension under the authority of the Approval Specialist/competent individual in the Division and explaining and clarifying the content of the approval notice. approval for the business unit and related departments (if necessary);

+ Coordinate with the Secretary of the Credit Council in drafting the minutes of the Credit Council, drafting the notices of the Credit Council.

– Early warning and proposed handling for credits showing signs of difficulty through appraisal, re-appraisal and credit proposal at the time of appraisal and re-appraisal.

2. Perform other related tasks assigned by the Head of the Department:

– Coordinating with Departments of Risk Management, Internal Control, and Internal Audit Division to issue warnings for the whole goods, warn for specific customers, coordinate to submit to implement measures. prevent risks for BAOVIET Bank and implement risk prevention measures when approved by competent authorities;

– Develop and comment on policies, regulations and professional processes related to the Department’s specific functions and tasks;

– Advise the leaders of the Credit Approval Department to propose process improvement, quality improvement and operational efficiency of the Department;

– Coordinating with functional departments of BAOVIET Bank to inspect and audit credit activities of branches and customers at the request of the focal point approved by the Division’s leadership;

– Follow the assignment of the head of the department.

3. Participate in training classes, professional training according to the plan of the department and BAOVIET Bank.

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– Graduated from a regular university with good grade or higher, majoring in training: Banking and Finance, Economics, Accounting or related majors…

– English certificate B (or equivalent) or higher;

– Proficient in Office Informatics skills, Certificate of Informatics B (or equivalent) or higher, proficient in using Excel software for financial analysis;

– Have at least 02 years of experience in credit appraisal and/or credit approval of business customers;

– Understanding at a common level about the legal provisions on credit activities;

– Mastering the credit and re-appraisal process;

– Understanding at a common level about banking products, services and processes;

– Knowledge at common level: Knowledge of relevant specialized laws/Knowledge of credit risk management/Knowledge of governance/Knowledge of industry and local environment;

– Strong financial analysis, data analysis and reporting skills

– Good communication and interaction skills with colleagues; Ability to work independently, good teamwork;

– Logical thinking ability; Evaluation, analysis and decision making.

– Honesty, firm bravery, steadfastness; Sense of responsibility, work under high pressure.

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