ZANG NGUYEN General Director

Zang Nguyen holds BA degree from Foreign Trade University in Vietnam and MBA degree from STM in UK. Zang has 20 years of extensive experience in operation management in communication industry and in oil and gas sector. Understanding of local workforce market and building a reliable company always receive attention of Zang in order to provide customers with the best services based on the core values established in the past years.


Hung graduated from National Economic University and Master program at CFVG in Vietnam. Hung has over 20 years of intensive experience in business management. He plays significant impact shaping business development. Comprehensive understanding of workforce, professional approaching and providing excellent service are his priorities to bring more benefit to the customers.

In order to carry out labour oursourcing service in Vietnam, it is compulsory that suppliers have a license. We are an experienced supplier in Hanoi and have been granted the labour outsourcing license after many years operating in this field.

Our specialists

Our services are utilized by combining specialists working in HR to provide the best service to our clients. Our specialists are woking in HR management with knowledge of Vietnamese Labour Law, highly experienced in diversify firms in Vietnam.

Our Vietnamese and oversea Partners

We have built solid relationships with: Vietnamese enterprisese FDI in Vietnam, The foreign firms, which have business activites with Vietnam. We have been working with famous enterprises in Vietnam, such as: EVN, HABECO, NSRP, YAMAHA, HEINEKEN, BOILER MASTER…

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