Completing the “5-year goal” of energy technology application and development

After 5 years of implementation, the program has achieved many remarkable results, contributing to firmly ensuring national energy security, an important prerequisite for socio-economic development.

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Overview of the conference summarizing “Application of program research and development of art quantity”. (Photo:

In the morning of October 30 in Hanoi, the Program Management Board KC.05/16-20 held a conference to summarize “Research and application of the program and development of quantum technology”. This is view is an in 7 program study and public art (Science and Technology) key point level of house water stage 2016-2020 chaired and managed by the Ministry of Science and Technology.

Speaking at the Conference, Deputy Minister of Science and Technology Tran Van Tung acknowledged the contributions of the program and made an impressive presentation on the results of the Key Laboratory of Oil Refining Technology on “Research, application and development of additives”. versatile, effective solutions in energy saving, as well as research results at the Institute of Human …

Deputy Minister Tran Van Tung shared that the view on the management work of the Ministry of Science and Technology in the coming time is the business-centered orientation. In order for the program’s products to be turned into production and businesses, the scientists’ institutions must have proposals in the work researchers and the businesses that put the papers on scientists.

Hoàn thành mục tiêu 5 năm ứng dụng và phát triển công nghệ năng lượng - 2

Deputy Minister of Science and Technology Tran Van Tung spoke at the conference. (Photo:

At the closing ceremony, Dr. Tran Chi Thanh, Director of Vietnam Atomic Energy Institute, Program Manager KC.05/16-20 said that the Program has basically completed its objectives, research contents, and achieved research results. stated targets.

Thereby, there have been many positive contributions in preparing to invest in the successful construction of the Nuclear Science and Technology Center with a new research furnace and successfully building and putting into operation the Radioactivity Monitoring Network. national nuclear incident response.

At the same time, it contributes to improving Vietnam’s research and application capacity of science and technology and consulting and appraisal capacity in tasks related to the country’s atomic energy development.

The program also supports the acquisition, mastery, transfer and development of technology in the fields of radiation application, radioisotope, radiation and environmental safety, nuclear safety according to the roadmap set out by the countries. detailed planning on development of application of radiation and radioactive isotopes in socio-economic sectors and orientations for development planning of atomic energy up to 2030.

In addition to scientific contributions in the fields of basic research on nuclear physics, materials, fuels, and chemistry… the program has also contributed to mastering a number of areas of research, consulting, improve the country’s scientific and technological potential in the field of atomic energy.

Especially, building a scientific and technological human resources team with many world-class experts, capable of participating in a number of research programs with advanced countries and regions, participating in domestic and international consultants. international.

With the necessity and importance, Deputy Minister Tran Van Tung expressed his hope that the Program will continue to implement in the coming time, to meet the requirements of socio-economic development of the country, as well as to conduct research in the future. Research forecasting in the future, energy problems of the country and the world.

Nguyen Nguyen

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